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Time to cool off: Our top treats for cooling down

Whether you’re browsing the shops, planning a family cinema visit or relaxing by the lake, it’s important to stay cool – and why not do with a sweet treat?! Here’s our top treats for cooling off on those sunny days…


Located in Cineworld on the First Floor, Baskin-Robbins ice cream offers a sweet taste of Americana. From classics like Mint Choc Chip, to Banana Caramel, Blue Raspberry sherbet and Hershey’s for the chocolate lovers, there’s something for every sweet tooth. Make it your own and opt for a cup, waffle cone or sundae with aaall the sprinkles and sauces on top.


If you prefer your cooling sweet treats with a caffeine hit, Starbucks can be found just across from Baskin-Robbins inside Cineworld and their new frappucinos are not to be missed. There’s Strawberry Donut, complete with actual donut sprinkles, or Cookies & Cream made with real ice cream for the perfect creamy cookie texture.


Chocolate lovers won’t be able to resist a scoop of the traditional dairy ice cream at Thorntons. Their range includes classics like Toffee & Fudge and Cookies & Cream, or, for something different try our new fave, Salted Caramel Shortcake.


Those Latin Americans sure know how to make refreshing desserts. Top off your tapas, or go straight for dessert and cool down with refreshing Mango Sorbet, Coconut Ice Cream or go all out with Brownies, Cookies & Ice Cream.


From the ultimate Vortex Shake topped complete with cream and sherbet saucers to a classic Vanilla Smash and everything in between, Vortex’s milkshakes are the ultimate sweet treat. Try one in a combo deal out on the Vortex terrace (it’s a hidden suntrap in the mornings).


Yep, you may not know it but WH Smith is a hidden treasure trove of ice cream goodies! Have a rummage through the freezer to find all your childhood faves and some new additions, from Twisters and Calippos to indulgent Magnums and the new Kinder Bueno Ice Cream.


Feeling fruity? There’s some berry refreshing new flavours over at Costa Coffee. Cool off with the Strawberry Cold Brew, Strawberry Lemonade or, our personal favourite, the Red Summer Berries Cooler.