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Tapas launches at High Line

We’re pretty sure we could live the tapas lifestyle every day. Meaty mouthfuls one day, seafood nibbles mixed with the best veggie and cheese bites the next, and of course sweet treats to finish. Plus cocktails. Great cocktails. 

High Line's new tapas menu, inspired by the bar’s New York roots, caters for just that; the little nibbles you love and enjoy alongside your favourite cocktail creations from our expert team. 

Carnivores, vegetarians and pescatarians, rejoice; deliciousness is on the menu. Share 6 dishes from the full menu, plus a couple of sides to accompany, for just £28.00 (£14 per person). Or simply select some of of your faves from any section from just £2.75 per dish. Sound like your kind of Friday night, or perhaps just a great hump day treat? We thought so too.


Here's our top picks to enjoy alongside your favourite tipple:

Scallops wrapped in salami

Miniature beef burgers (perfect with the fruity Big Appleberry cocktail)

Chorizo baked in a spicy tomato sauce

BBQ buffalo wings (we suggest pairing with smoky bourbon-based cocktail Jackson Heights)

Butternut squash quinoa croquettes 

Avocado and prawn marie rose (delish with that guac dip AND some nachos on the side).


Top it off with sweet treats like:

Gluten free ginger cake 

Salted caramel rocky road brownie

Mini creme brulée


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