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Review: we try GBK's all new Mr Lava Lava burger

We know how much you love our restaurants here; from our family favourites, to laid back fine dining at Water Restaurant, there is something for everyone.

Our Gourmet Burger Kitchen is no exception.

With new burger flavours, toppings and specials constantly popping up to keep us salivating, we thought it best to tell you about their latest newbie after a little taster ourselves... the Mr Lava Lava burger (yes, we also love a good GBK pun).

Named as the winning burger at their in-house chef competition, this new sensation sees a 6oz jerk rubbed beef patty, topped with smoked Applewood cheese, jalapeno relish (we opted for this on the side), mango slaw and chipotle mayo.

Cooked to our preferred medium rare perfection, this burger was the most satisfying GBK version in a while. Not for the fainthearted on spice, we’d advise to ask for the jalapeno relish on the side to add as you like (or for dipping your chips!) See our photo gallery to the left for foodporn proof…

With the fresh Caribbean flavours twisting up your usual patty and bun, the Mr Lava Lava still oozed that beefy, cheesy goodness that GBK do so well. Toppings were manageable causing minimal drippage. Pretty bombastic, if you’ll allow a cheeky Shaggy lyric reference!

At £9.95, the burger alone suited us for a tasty upgrade to our usual sandwich lunch, but would also be pretty perfect padded out with sides like sweet potato fries and a mango milkshake for dinner before a film at Cineworld too.

As always, service at GBK was pretty swift; order at the counter and then relax at your table with a drink whilst your burger is flipped, fried and served at your table. Challenge them to the lunch time Beef Up; lunch in 15 minutes or your next lunch is on them. Challenge accepted!

See the GBK menus here, including offers like their £3 takeaway milkshakes (Oreo is our fave!) until 1st October.