New High Line Menu Out Now

We’re really excited to tell you all about the new menu at High Line. You can expect pure Americana with a long list of delicious things to try like Pork Rack of Ribs, Slow Cooked Sweet Potato Stew, juicy Burgers and New York Baked Cheesecake to mention just a few.

Prices start at £3.45 for the delicious Pizza Bread on the starter menu (a perfect sharer if you’re too peckish to wait for your mains to arrive) and you’ll find something to suit everyone on this menu; steak, Chilli, Mac & Cheese, Salads, Hotdogs and Nachos plus desserts and shakes you won’t want to miss.

Choose from six different options in Cheesecake ranging from Don Papa Rum & Raisin and Baileys Milk Chocolate, to our personal favourite the Salted Caramel. Go classic with a Banana Split, Knickerbocker Glory or an Ice Cream Sundae, or mix it up with shakes like the Peanut & Banana, Oreo Chocolate and High Line’s Classic Vanilla 99. (It’s worth mentioning that you can add a little extra kick to these by adding a shot of your choice like Kahlua, Disaronno, Baileys and Bulleit Bourbon for an extra £2.50).

You’re welcome to drop in without a booking, but if you’d like to book ahead and reserve your table click here or call on 0121 273 1047 and you can check out the full menus in the links below, enjoy!

Main Menu

Children’s Menu

Lunch Menu

Drinks Menu