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Sian Victoria on Holland & Barrett

Check out the latest blog from our guest blogger Sian Victoria, this time she’s been to our Holland and Barrett outlet store

It’s summer. My favourite time of the year, when I feel most motivated to make a difference to my health and lifestyle. One of the first changes I made this summer was adding Bioglan Superfood powder to my breakfast every morning. The powders are full of your essential daily vitamins and nutrients.

Within days of starting Bioglan I quickly began to notice the difference in my mood and energy levels. I’ve been buying the supplements from Holland & Barrett but when I found out Resorts World have their own outlet store I have been stocking up there to make a saving compared to buying them on the high-street.

The natural powder that comes from only fruit and vegetables can be easily mixed with yoghurts and smoothies. They come in lots of different flavours, the tropical and chocolate flavoured ones are my favourite and they taste amazing when added to yoghurt, granola and fruit. I’ve added a few breakfast bowl inspiration snaps, of how I have been eating the most important meal of the day.

For years me and my sister have been drinking up to four cups of green tea daily, to reap the health and beauty benefits of the herbal tea. However although I drink so much green tea it doesn’t really have the most pleasant taste, that’s why I’m so happy to have found a coconut flavoured green tea in Holland & Barrett which is now my favourite tea brand as it tastes lovely. There is an impressive collection of teas in Resort World Birmingham’s Holland & Barrett store which I plan to work my way through, trying out all the different flavours.

The long-time readers of my blog will know I love charcoal beauty products, so when I came across the Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Mask I couldn’t help but try it out as it was so much cheaper compared to a pricey department store beauty brand that I have been using for the past couple of months. The mask is thick and creamy and applies to the face easily with no mess. Once the mask is dried I remove it with warm water, to reveal super clean, bright and hydrated skin. When used twice a week, it makes a big difference to my skin, by reducing shine and blemishes. The mask also comes with two small sachets of Moisturiser that left my skin feeling soft and nourished.

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