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Bad Neighbours Movie Review

Our guest blogger, Sian Victoria, recently visited our Cineworld cinema here in the Resort. Read all about her experience below…

When I heard there was going to be a sequel for the Bad Neighbours movie, I couldn’t wait to go and see it as the first one was hilarious. The movie starts with a bedroom scene and without giving too much away be prepared for something really gross to happen. You may want to turn away for a few seconds as it’s so cringe worthy and disgusting you can’t help but laugh out loud, and that’s before the movie fully kicks in.

The plot is more structured compared to the first movie, there’s more meaning into what happens. The couple find out they are expecting another baby so they are planning to sell their home, but before they can, the buyers have 30 days to make unexpected visits to the home to make sure they are happy with everything. So of course that’s when a bunch of sorority girls move into the old frat house next door, and start to cause chaos for the ‘old’ couple.

The sorority girls who call themselves ‘Kappa Nu’ want to be different and don’t want to host sex-fuelled parties like the rest of the frats and sororities. So they look for help from Zac Efron to raise buckets full of cash to make the rent for their home and to protect the future of ‘Kappa Nu’. Meanwhile Zac Efron who plays Teddy is feeling lost having fell out with his bro, his struggling to find work because of his criminal record from tormenting the ‘old’ couple in the first movie and everyone is moving on in life apart from him. He then becomes homeless and gets kicked out of ‘Kappa Nu’, so he swaps sides and moves in with the couple to help them stop the sorority girls.

In almost every scene there is a joke or something funny happens, so I totally recommend watching the movie if you want an evening full of laughter. Or even better, an evening drooling over Zac Efron. In one scene his topless and has oil from hot beef poured over his chest to give him two extra ab lines. He then goes on stage to do a sexy dance routine to distract the ‘Kappa Nu’ girls, while the old couple steal their weed that they are selling to help fund the rent.

Seth Rogan is one of my favourite actors and his so brilliant in this movie, he makes a great duo with Rose Byrne who plays his one screen wife and also his new bro Teddy played by Zac Efron. Shelby who runs ‘Kappy Nu’ is played by Chloë Grace Moretz and there is also a short appearance from Selena Gomez.

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