Cineworld FAQs

You can enjoy 2 for 1 movies every Tuesday and Wednesday here at Cineworld Resorts World Birmingham using MEERKAT MOVIE codes. To learn how you can become a MEERKAT MOVIE customer through, visit the Cineworld website.

Guests can enjoy 20% off main courses Monday-Thursday at Pizza Express Resorts World Birmingham with a valid Cineworld unlimited card. 

If you’ve got film fever, why not enjoy unlimited movies here at Cineworld Resorts World Birmingham with the Cineworld Unlimited card? You can sign up in store using the Cineworld Unlimited machines, online at or on the Cineworld APP.

Parking is just £1.50 for Cinema visitors with validation at the Baskin Robbins counter. There is no maximum stay limit prior to or following your ticket validation.

Further Cineworld FAQs and T&Cs available here: